Customized training programs in police ethics

Customized training programs in police ethics

Take the risk out of your department’s risky business
Police scandals can happen anywhere. And when they hit, they hit hard, costing millions of dollars and ruining careers. In addition to the challenges officers face on the street, every aspect of police administration — from management, recruiting, training, and discipline to the handling of on- and off-duty misconduct — is subject to scrutiny and criticism.

To minimize risk to your department, we offer a variety of affordable training programs conducted on site and scheduled at your convenience.


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Policing experts teach our courses
You need professionals who know your issues. Josephson Institute has been trusted to create and conduct customized trainings for some of the nation’s most high-profile public entities. The LAPD, the Department of Defense, and the FBI have learned to manage risk and build leadership with our specialized training. Josephson Institute has conducted programs for over 100,000 legislative, business, media, and military leaders. More about our trainers »
Honoring the Badge Seminars
POST IV certifiedWe can customize our Honoring the Badge Seminar specifically to your department’s needs. Josephson Institute’s Center for Policing Ethics equips peace officers and administrators to perceive, prevent, and resolve ethical problems before they begin. This two-day seminar was designed by Michael Josephson, one of the country’s foremost experts in the everyday ethical challenges of policing. Using our groundbreaking Exemplary Peace Officer model, officers confront real-life ethical dilemmas and learn how to respond respectfully, honorably, and effectively.

Command Staff Seminars
This highly customized two-day training is designed for department leaders. The objective is to stimulate policy setting and program development that will ensure a sustainable ethical culture. Whether you’re facing a current scandal or are being proactive about avoiding future issues, we can focus this session on your department’s needs.

Leadership Forum
For one half-day working session, a small group of your leaders brainstorm with Institute experts to assess current policies and procedures, develop strategies for strengthening the department’s reputation and culture, and improve morale.

Field Training Officer Seminars
Field training officers play a crucial role in helping new recruits apply Academy training to real life. Using the Institute’s Best Possible Result decision-making module, our two-day seminar will give FTOs the knowledge and skills they need to mold new officers into values-based decision-makers who can uphold the public trust.

Department Values Assessment
Using an anonymous online survey, the Institute will thoroughly analyze all of the responses of your department’s sworn employees. Conducted with complete anonymity, this survey will be an honest representation of your department’s values, attitudes, and beliefs.

Multi-Level Training Packages
With our Exemplary Peace Officer series, you choose a variety of sessions to train officers and staff at all levels. This option is a great way to train your whole department — at a deeply discounted rate. Learn more »

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