Overview: Center for Policing Ethics

Overview: Center for Policing Ethics

We know your issues. That’s why we created the nation’s premier ethics seminars and resources for policing professionals.

Perceive, prevent, and resolve ethical problems to better manage risk.

Josephson Institute offers certified training courses and training materials that teach policing professionals ethics fundamentals. Designed by Michael Josephson, the country’s foremost expert in the ethical challenges of policing, these programs are ideal preparation for a total values-based initiative.

We work on the principle that values-based ethics are far more effective than compliance-based ethics. When professionals are trained to see the benefits derived from working ethically and know that values will be modeled from the top down, they follow them. Our programs help your staff work through real-life dilemmas and find the answers that are not only right for your department, but right for themselves as individuals. They’ll learn to be better officers by being better people. Learn more »

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