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Police ethics trainingModern policing takes place in a risk-management minefield. In addition to the challenges officers face on the street, every aspect of police administration from management, recruiting, training, and discipline to the handling of on- and off-duty misconduct is subject to scrutiny and criticism on ethical grounds.

In collaboration with expert practitioners, peace officers, and its many partners in the field of policing, Josephson Institute has developed highly focused training courses to help police officers, managers, and administrators perceive, prevent, and resolve ethical problems. Some of the issues addressed:

California POST Plan IV certified

  • Real and perceived racism
  • Screening and hiring for character
  • Proper and improper uses of deception
  • Recognizing and dealing with loyalty conflicts
  • Dealing with abusive citizens and offensive conduct
  • Limitations on the use of force
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Building and upholding credibility and public trust

Learn from the nation’s experts in police ethics
Our faculty members are experienced policing professionals who know your issues. That’s one of the reasons Josephson Institute has been trusted to conduct trainings for the Los Angeles and Chicago Police Departments, Los Angeles and Ventura County Sheriff’s Departments, the California Peace Officers’ Association, and the FBI. More about our trainers »

Exemplary Peace Officer Series
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This two-day course, offered in several cities each year, is the nation’s premier certification training course for peace officers and administrators. See schedule, register »

Customized training
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