Arkansas Police Officer Praised for Community Policing Initiative

Arkansas Police Officer Praised for Community Policing Initiative -

Tommy Norman, an Arkansas police officer was identified a rapper and activist, named Michael Render (AKA Killer Mike) as a “good cop” and a police officer that is “doing it right.” during an interview with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on May 2015. 

Norman said on Instagram: “My dream has always been to change the world! Who says dreams can’t come true!” He issued a plea for people to get involved in their communities and challenged people to mentor children unlike themselves — “not of their color, not of their class, not of their religion.”

Render found Norman on social media.  “I want (people) … to get involved like a policeman in North Little Rock. He doesn’t know I follow him. He doesn’t know I know him, but … if you follow him on Instagram … this man is out of his patrol car every single day. He is taking pictures with other peoples’ families that are black (and) with white kids in the community. He’s in the community. And North Little Rock is no easy place to police. He puts pictures of him and his own children up, and there’s nothing more accountable than saying, ‘I’m transparent … ‘I would encourage more police and more people to look at what this officer is doing in particular because he’s doing something right.”


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