Chicago Officer’s Son Killed by Unidentified Man While Sitting on Porch

Arshell Dennis III - Officer's son murdered by Unidentified Man -

Arshell Dennis III, 19, the son of a Chicago police officer was shot and killed August 14 in what is being investigated as a case of mistaken identity. The Chicago Tribune reports that Officer’s Son Dennis was scheduled to return later that day to New York, where he was a junior at St. John’s University.

Dennis’s father and Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson worked patrol together earlier in their careers. In a statement Johnson said, “Officer Dennis dedicated his life to make this city safer, and his son Arshell was a good kid, making his parents proud and studying for a promising future as a journalist,” and added: “In order to address the root of this violence, we must change the way the criminal justice system treats the reckless, repeat gun offenders who are causing this violence and send a clear message that when you are involved in gun crimes you will be held accountable.”

Dennis, an African American, was sitting on the front porch of a residence with a friend (who was also shot and hospitalized in serious condition( by a man who simply walked up to both victims and shot them..

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