Off-Duty Massachusetts Police Officer Lauded as Good Samaritan

Massachusetts Police Officer Lauded as Good Samaritan

There Are Good People Out There

Michael Szawlowski, an off-duty police officer in Northampton, Massachusetts, made the day of a man who was about to be reported to police for being unable to pay for gas he had pumped into his car and won praise for being a good person”.
The beneficiary of the good deed was Paul Zabawa who pulled into a convenience store gas station near his home and handed over all the cash he had with him, $1.79. He went to the wrong pump, which inexplicably dispensed $20 worth of gas before he realized something was wrong. When he reported this to the convenience store clerk, he was told that the clerk would have to report Zabawa to the police. Upon learning this, officer Szawlowski paid the tab. Szawloski later told the Daily Hampshire Gazette, “I just felt bad, because it was kind of a misunderstanding.” In retur, Zabawa told the paper, “Officers are taking a lot of flak for negativity. There are good people out there.”


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