Professionalism – Tattoos

Professionalism – Tattoos Sept. 2, 2016.  Citizen took photo of Philly cop and circulated it on Twitter.

The Philadelphia Police Department has launched an internal review after a photograph of one its officers with a tattoo resembling a Nazi symbol began circulating online this week. The photograph appears to show a member of the department’s bike patrol sporting a tattoo on his left forearm of a spread-winged eagle beneath the word “Fatherland.” It was uploaded Wednesday to Facebook on Wednesday by a user who said the snapshot was taken at a protest event during the Democratic National Convention in July and has since been shared widely on social media.


Also see: Philly Police not alone in lacking tattoo policy  See how they are wrestling with the problem in the UK: Big Issue – Should police officers be allowed tattoos on their face, and Call to relax rules on tattoos to bring forces more into line with modern Britain neck or hands?

Other examples of tattoos. What do you think?

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