Crime Prevention Begins At Home

Crime Prevention Begins At Home

John Paolo Bencito

October 10, 2016

The Department of the Interior and Local Government emphasized the role of community leaders in crime prevention on the nationwide simultaneous barangay assembly day on Sunday.

“The fight against drugs, crime and corruption is not the government’s alone.  It is time for the citizens to do their part and become a partner for change,” Secretary Ismael Sueno said.

“Let your voice be heard. Show your concern for your community and your country,” he added.

The DILG Secretary earlier said the government’s campaign against illegal drugs, criminality and corruption will be the center of discussion between barangay officials and their constituents during the said assembly.

Proclamation 260 issued on Sept. 30, 2011 declared the last Saturday of March and the second Sunday of October 2011 as barangay assembly days.

Sueno said that as early as September, the Department directed local government units to prepare for the first barangay assembly day to be held under the Duterte administration.

“We believe that this particular assembly day will gain the widest participation from the public,” said Sueno.

The country’s more than 42,000 barangays were expected to join the assembly day with the theme, Para sa Isang Tunay na Pagbabago, Mag-MASID at Makiisa sa Isang Maka-MASAng Asembleya.

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