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These are tumultuous times for public officials.  Accusations, whether well-founded or not, as well as lawsuits concerning police practices, can drain public resources and seriously damage a community’s trust in its government.

You may be required, or otherwise find it wise, to formulate a new position on profile controversies concerning use-of-force polices, de-escalation training, dash and body cameras, and demands for the release of video tapes, as many law enforcement agencies are being called on to re-assess current policies and training.

In this context, you may find it helpful to consider the input and impact from major reports and investigations by the Department of Justice and high profile Task Forces, findings of civilian review boards, and requirements of consent decrees. In this dynamic environment wouldn’t it be helpful to know what your colleagues and police executives are thinking and doing?

The Josephson Institute’s Policing Ethics Center has launched a new national survey to collect data for you to utilize in coordination with our major social media effort centered around our monthly newsletter, TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook accounts.


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