Barney Melekian & Michael Nila Join EPA Team

Barney Melekian, Undersheriff, Santa Barbara County (former Director of COPS Office) and Michael Nila, founder and CEO of Blue Courage have joined Dean Ron Lowenberg at Golden West College’s Criminal Justice Training Center, Dustin Olson, Chief of the University, Santa Barbara Police Department and Chiefs Art Acevedo (Houston PD), John Thomas (University of Southern California Public Safety Department, and Mark Garcia, (Redlands, CA PD) as founding members of the Josephson Institute’s Advisory Council for Exemplary Policing.

The Josephson Institute’s Exemplary Policing Initiative is a project of the Josephson Institute of Ethics. It provides policing professionals, municipal officials and civilians involved in the oversight of police services, with information, inspiration and guidance to help create exemplary officers and policing agencies. See the site and subscribe to the monthly newsletter at

Members of the Josephson advisory council will establish the priorities of the Exemplary Policing Initiative (EPI) and help ensure its training and resources are effective and relevant, and share their experiences and personal opinions on the EPI website. Among the resources provided are: summaries of important current news, best practices, policies, articles, and major reports sorted by topic, reproducible inspirational posters, a library of quotations, instructional and inspirational videos, noteworthy speeches, articles and op/ed pieces, surveys, slides of presentations, and segments with commentary of the Institute’s Exemplary Policing Framework (the basis of an in-process COPS publication on “The Exemplary Policing Organization: A Guide to Values-Based Policing”).

Michael Josephson, founding president of the Josephson Institute’s Exemplary policing initiative presented the new Exemplary policing model to the California Police Chiefs Association on April 11 in Monterey, CA. Slides of the program are available at

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