Teaching, Learning & Education Teaching A teacher affects all eternity; you never know where his influence stops. – Henry Adams What a block of marble is to a sculptor a ready mind is to a teacher. Adapted from Joseph Addison Children don’t care what a teacher knows unless they know the teacher cares. – Unknown The best teachers teach from … Read More


Michael Josephson has curated below this list of Best Ever Quotes on Leadership in hopes of inspiring great and ethical leaders.

Eight laws of leadership.

Former Air Force General William Cohen wrote a fine book called The Stuff of Heroes in which he identified eight laws of leadership. Here are his rules: Maintain absolute integrity. Know your stuff. Declare your expectations. Show uncommon commitment. Expect positive results. Take care of your people. Put duty before self. Get out in front.

DOJ Civil Rights Division Investigation of the Ferguson Police Dept.

REPORT SUMMARY Investigation reveals a pattern or practice of unlawful conduct within the Ferguson Police Department that violates the First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, and federal statutory law. Notwithstanding our findings about Ferguson’s approach to law enforcement and the policing culture it creates, we found many Ferguson police officers and other City employees to be … Read More

Key Findings of DOJ Report on Baltimore Police

Read the Summary of Findings from the 162 page report issued August 10, 2016 by the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. The report documented extensive racial-based policing practices and impact validating claims and expectations of the African American community but angering the police community and others as being unduly inflammatory stoking hostile reactions against the police. See the full … Read More

Chicago Officer’s Son Killed by Unidentified Man While Sitting on Porch

Arshell Dennis III - Officer's son murdered by Unidentified Man -

Arshell Dennis III, 19, the son of a Chicago police officer was shot and killed August 14 in what is being investigated as a case of mistaken identity. The Chicago Tribune reports that Officer’s Son Dennis was scheduled to return later that day to New York, where he was a junior at St. John’s University. Dennis’s father and Chicago Police … Read More

Milwaukee: Another Midwest City Erupts After Police Shooting

Though early reports indicate the police shooting may have been a proper and necessary shoot of a man with a gun and a record of violence by a black officer, the African-American Community demonstrated, looted and destroyed both police and private property in protest. A second night of violence followed pleas for peace on Sunday, August 15, after violent overnight … Read More