Josephson Exemplary Policing Center has been consulted to create and conduct customized trainings for some of the nation’s most high-profile public entities to include the LAPD, the Department of Defense and the FBI. Josephson Institute has also conducted programs for over 100,000 legislative, business, media, and military leaders. We can customize any of our programs to fit the specific needs of your department. Below are examples of customized programs we have provided agencies in the past.

Command Staff Seminars

This highly customized two-day training is designed for department leaders. The objective is to stimulate policy setting and program development that will ensure a sustainable ethical culture. Whether you’re facing a current scandal or are being proactive about avoiding future issues, we can focus this session on your department’s needs.

Leadership Forum

In this one half-day working session, a small group of your leaders brainstorm with Institute experts to assess current policies and procedures, develop strategies for strengthening the department’s reputation and culture, and improve morale.

Field Training Officer Seminars

Field training officers play a crucial role in helping new recruits apply Academy training to real life. Using the Institute’s Best Possible Result decision-making module, our two-day seminar will give FTOs the knowledge and skills they need to mold new officers into values-based decision-makers who can uphold the public trust