The exemplary policing agency (EPA) framework identifies three overarching principles:

  • Procedural Integrity. An exemplary agency generates public trust by ensuring that all actions with the public and its own employees are both lawful and ethical as governed by the agency’s policing and moral values (values fidelity).
  • Mission Performance. An exemplary agency serves its community by achieving all aspects of its multi-dimensional mission: 1) preventing crime, 2) pursuing justice, 3) public safety (protecting and serving), 4) enhancing the quality of life (including maintaining order and reducing fear of crime), 5) safeguarding rights and liberties.
  • Organizational Excellence. An exemplary agency possesses critical organizational attributes needed for procedural integrity and mission performance: 1) a professional policing culture, 2) exemplary personnel (workforce), 3) exemplary workplace policies and practices, 4) exemplary leadership, and 5) professionalization (best practices for maximum success).