Moving the Philadelphia Police captureDepartment into the 21st Century:

Reviewing the Progress from 2008 to 2016

Michael A. Nutter was sworn in as Mayor of Philadelphia on January 7, 2008. On that same date Mayor Nutter swore Charles H. Ramsey in as Police Commissioner and signed an Executive Order declaring a Crime Emergency and directed Commissioner Ramsey to submit a plan to address crime in Philadelphia. That plan, Crime Fighting Strategy, was submitted to Mayor Nutter on January 30, 2008. The plan was developed with input from the Philadelphia Police Department’s command staff, rank and file and community members. The Commissioner, in his first thirty days in office, held town hall meetings in each of the six police divisions followed by department-wide meetings to discuss the strategy. This strategy, and its update on August 31, 2011, set the vision, mission, goals, objectives, and action steps that guided the Philadelphia Police Department through the last eight years.

The Strategy recognized that effective crime fighting must not only rely on meeting the core mission of policing but also on employee development and safe and functional infrastructure. This work was guided by four principles: Prevention, Collaboration, Smart Policing, and Continuous Improvement. The graphic below summarizes the key elements of the Strategy.


Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey set the vision and mission for the PPD. The vision of being a model of excellence in policing is a simple statement that holds great expectation, an expectation that women and men of this department pursue by working to achieve our mission. Much progress has been mad e and much more is left to do. The intent of this report is to celebrate our successes.

This short report documents some of the significant accomplishments achieved during the last eight years. It falls short of telling the story of how officers, supervisors, command staff, community, and businesses have worked together to make Philadelphia a much safer city and the PPD a much better police department. These stories are told in the neighborhoods, in locker rooms, and in conference rooms; stories that seldom reach public media.


PDF IMAGE Philadelphia Moving Into the 21st Century 2015

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