Crime Prevention: Strategies to Deal With Active Shooters

How to Prevent Active Shooter Incidents at Educational Institutions: 20 strategies that can reduce the chances of planned attacks. 20 Active Shooter and Active Killer Prevention Strategies by Michael Dorn  September 15, 2016 See full article at: Excerpts:  These strategies to deal with an active shooter on campus are as options to be considered rather than a checklist. It … Read More

5 Killed In Shooting at a Washington State Mall

5 Killed In Shooting at a Washington State Mall September 24, 2016 by Merrit Kennedy Authorities are searching for the suspected shooter, who they say left the scene at Cascade Mall before police arrived. He was last seen walking toward a nearby interstate highway. Skagit County’s Department of Emergency Management cautioned people to stay indoors and “stay alert.” “People fled, customers hid … Read More