Berkeley police get flak for hands-off approach to protest mayhem

By Kimberly Veklerov and Filipa Ioannou In the wake of Saturday’s “Patriots Day” protest violence in Berkeley, videos and photos of the brawls that broke out have been circulating online. One clip in particular is sparking outrage when a woman, an apparent anti-trump protester, was punch in the face. This moment is being called out specifically because the man who … Read More

EPA STANDARDS: Pursuing Justice: Apprehend and Hold Offenders Accountable

Exemplary Policing Standard III. PURSUING JUSTICE: Apprehend and Hold Offenders Accountable. An Exemplary Policing Agency pursues justice for victims and their families by identifying and apprehending offenders so they are held accountable by the criminal justice system through prosecution and conviction. IIIA. Priorities and Specific Objectives. An exemplary agency annually reviews clearance rate history and trends for UCR crimes and … Read More

Report: The Science of Justice – Race, Arrests, and Police Use of Force – Center for Policing Equity

Analyses of 12 law enforcement departments from geographically and demographically diverse locations revealed that racial disparities in police use of force persist even when controlling for racial distribution of local arrest rates.  – Center for Policing Equity Executive Summary Despite the importance of understanding how race intersects with police use of force, little research has used police administrative data to … Read More