DOJ Review of San Francisco Police Department (2016) Leads to 272 Recommendations

Justice Department investigation found deficient practices and policies, recommends 272 changes at San Francisco Police Department; Chief resigns In a 387-page report, the Justice Department said it found the majority of deadly use of force incidents by San Francisco officers involved people of color. The report said, “The deficiencies identified range from outdated use of force policies to inadequate data … Read More

Collaborative Agreement – Baltimore 2016 Update

Agreement in Principle between the United States and the City of Baltimore Regarding the Baltimore City Police Department This Agreement in Principle (“Agreement”) between the United States and the City of Baltimore (the “City”) (collectively, “the Parties”) reflects the Parties’ commitment to work together and with the many communities that make up the City to ensure that the Baltimore City … Read More

Collaborative Reform Process – COPS Las Vegas 2012

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The use of deadly force against a citizen is the most serious act a police officer can take. It demands careful, impartial review and the highest professional standards of accountability. In November 2011, the Las Vegas Review Journal (LVRJ) published a five-part investigative series titled “Deadly Force: When Las Vegas Police Shoot, and Kill.” The LVRJ series, using … Read More

Collaborative Agreement – Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Black United Front (“Front”), the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio Foundation, Inc. (“ACLU”), on behalf of the class, as defined herein (“the Plaintiffs”), the City of Cincinnati (“City”), and the Fraternal Order of Police (“FOP”), hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Parties” hereby enter into this Collaborative Settlement Agreement dated as of __________________ (the “Agreement” or “Collaborative … Read More