NYPD Watchdog Say Bratton’s ‘Broken Windows’ Hasn’t Worked

Outgoing (now gone) NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton vigorously disagrees . One of Bill Bratton’s signature programs (along with Comp Stat) is adoption of the :Broken Windows” strategy based on the notion that nipping bad behavior in the bud will prevent worse behavior. The theory was introduced in a 1982 article by social scientists James Q. Wilson and George L. Kellin based on … Read More

Anderson Police to Offer Citizen Training

Anderson Police to Offer Citizen Training By Stuart Hirsch – The Herald Bulletin September 2, 2016 ANDERSON — Hoping to build better rapport with the community it serves, the Anderson Police Department is launching a “Citizens Academy” that will provide an insider’s view of what it takes to protect and serve. The academy will be held every Saturday morning from … Read More

Training Helps Police Better Serve the Public

Training Helps Police Better Serve the Public September 3, 2016 By Philip Sayblack Rocky Mount police officers took part in a special two-day training course this week aimed at helping the department run better internally and externally. The course, Procedural Justice for \ Law Enforcement Agencies: Organizational Change through Decision Making and Policy, centers on the idea of fairness in … Read More

West Hartford Police Will Present ‘Understanding Use of Force’ Program

West Hartford Police Will Present ‘Understanding Use of Force’ Program September 1, 2016 By We-Ha By Ronni Newton West Hartford Police will hold a “community classroom” focused on use of force, in order to open up greater dialogue with the public and enhance the community’s understanding of a topic that has recently received a significant amount of press. “With the way things are these … Read More

FBI Director Comey: History Justifies Cynicism and Distrust from African Americans

FBI Director Comey: History Justifies Cynicism and Distrust from African Americans

In a candid reflection of the history of the relationship between police and the African American community, FBI Director James Comey asks the policing professionals to better understand and address the roots of cynicism and distrust. “We in law enforcement have to see ourselves clearly. We need to understand our history, much of which is not pretty. The truth is … Read More

Reducing Causes of Crime

Exemplary Standard IIF. Reducing Causes of Crime. An exemplary agency identifies and seeks to collaborate with community organizations in each neighborhood willing and able to participate in reducing crime and employs focused community and problem-oriented policing strategies to identify and reduce underlying causes of crime, especially among youth. Effective community-oriented policing is one of the most powerful factors in building … Read More

Community-Police Relations Final Report, Ohio Task Force on Community-Police Relations, 2015

State Task Force Publishes Report on Community-Police Relations  May 4, 2015 In December, Gov. John Kasich commissioned a task force to “address the fractured relationships that exist between some communities and the police dedicated to serving them.” In short, the task force’s recommendations, published this past week, urge a greater emphasis on training, accountability and oversight. Read the executive summary: … Read More

Building Communities of Trust: A Guidance for Community Leaders – DOJ, Homeland Security, & IACC

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Building Communities of Trust (BCOT) Initiative focuses on developing trust between law enforcement, fusion centers, and the communities they serve, particularly immigrant and minority communities, so that crime and terrorism can be addressed. This initiative has been administered primarily by the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Initiative (NSI), a program that provides law enforcement with a capacity … Read More