NEW GALLUP POLL: 76% of Americans have “a great deal” of respect for police — up 12%

– Public respect for police surged and is at a near-record high — across age, race and political persuasion. – FROM  ALASKA DISPATCH A 2016 Gallup poll shows: • Seventy-six percent of Americans have “a great deal” of respect for police — up 12 percent from last year • Among conservatives – 85 percent respect police “a great deal” … Read More

Consent Decree, Community Perception Survey and Monitor Reports- Seattle Police Department 2015

Seattle Police Monitor Reports and Website Basic Documents DOJ Findings Letter (December 2011) Consent Decree Memorandum of Understanding Order Approving Merrick Bobb as Federal Monitor Assessments of Community Perceptions  Community Perception Survey (October 2013) Executive Summary (by Anzalone Liszt Grove Research) Purpose Statement + Key Findings This research was commissioned by the federal monitoring team to assess community perceptions … Read More

Hero Citizens: Man Gives Charlotte Police Hugs Not Hate, Another Intervenes to Assure Peace During Citizen Protest

Hugs Rather Than Hate; Peacefulness Not Violence In the midst of a sometimes violent protest of the police shooting of  Ken Nwadike, an African American man wearing a “Free Hugs” shirt and is with a group that travels to cities during unrest, WSOC TV reports. Amidst the demonstrations and marches Channel 9 witnessed several people helping protesters and police officers better understand … Read More


SEPTEMBER 6, 2016 by Jason Fritz In Sangin, Afghanistan, during the fall of 2011, Marine Lieutenant Joshua Waddell identified a suspected bomb-maker while conducting surveillance operations. After obtaining permission from his battalion headquarters, Waddell ordered his men to engage the bomb-maker, wounding the suspected insurgent. As soon as the bomb-maker was hit, a group of civilians — possibly teenagers — rushed … Read More

Chicago Officer’s Son Killed by Unidentified Man While Sitting on Porch

Arshell Dennis III - Officer's son murdered by Unidentified Man -

Arshell Dennis III, 19, the son of a Chicago police officer was shot and killed August 14 in what is being investigated as a case of mistaken identity. The Chicago Tribune reports that Officer’s Son Dennis was scheduled to return later that day to New York, where he was a junior at St. John’s University. Dennis’s father and Chicago Police … Read More

Milwaukee: Another Midwest City Erupts After Police Shooting

Though early reports indicate the police shooting may have been a proper and necessary shoot of a man with a gun and a record of violence by a black officer, the African-American Community demonstrated, looted and destroyed both police and private property in protest. A second night of violence followed pleas for peace on Sunday, August 15, after violent overnight … Read More

FBI Director Comey: History Justifies Cynicism and Distrust from African Americans

FBI Director Comey: History Justifies Cynicism and Distrust from African Americans

In a candid reflection of the history of the relationship between police and the African American community, FBI Director James Comey asks the policing professionals to better understand and address the roots of cynicism and distrust. “We in law enforcement have to see ourselves clearly. We need to understand our history, much of which is not pretty. The truth is … Read More

North Miami officer on paid leave after shooting unarmed black man

Officer on paid leave after shooting unarmed black man

NORTH MIAMI, FLA. (WSVN) – A therapist who works at a group home for the disabled is still in shock after a North Miami Police officer shot him, but according to the Police Union president, that officer may have been aiming for someone else. Thursday afternoon, the North Miami Police Department released a statement saying that officer has been placed … Read More