Detroit police board says consent decrees should stay

by Ann Zaniewski , Detroit Free Press The Detroit Board of Police Commissioners is urging U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to keep consent decrees, a court-enforced tool used to overhaul problem-plagued police departments.

Consent Decree, Community Perception Survey and Monitor Reports- Seattle Police Department 2015

Seattle Police Monitor Reports and Website Basic Documents DOJ Findings Letter (December 2011) Consent Decree Memorandum of Understanding Order Approving Merrick Bobb as Federal Monitor Assessments of Community Perceptions  Community Perception Survey (October 2013) Executive Summary (by Anzalone Liszt Grove Research) Purpose Statement + Key Findings This research was commissioned by the federal monitoring team to assess community perceptions … Read More

Consent Decree – New Orleans

ORDER AND REASONS After diligent and good faith efforts, the parties, Plaintiff, the United States of America (“United States”) and Defendant, the City of New Orleans (the “City”), have been unable to agree on the selection of the Monitor to oversee implementation of the Consent Decree in this case.  Because there is no doubt that the Monitor is necessary, and … Read More

Maryland State University to Try to Heal the Divide between Baltimore Police and the Community

Maryland State University to Try to Heal the Divide between Baltimore Police and the Community By Meghan McCorkell October 12, 2016 BALTIMORE (WJZ)–Baltimore City police have partnered with Morgan State University to try and heal the divide between police and the community. A damning DOJ report released two months ago revealed systemic discrimination within the Baltimore City Police Department. Now, the … Read More

Settlement between Yonkers, NY and the U.S. Justice Department Over Unconstitutional Policing Will Cost the City about $1 Million in Extra Training

Neither The Justice Department Nor Any Court Would Oversee The Agreement Or Have Control Over The Yonkers Police Department’s Operations A settlement between Yonkers and the U.S. Justice Department over unconstitutional policing will cost the city about $1 million in extra training. The training is intended to reduce use-of-force incidents and improve stop-and-search protocols, reporting and supervision. Yonkers is promising to implement about 150 … Read More

Key Findings of DOJ Report on Baltimore Police

Read the Summary of Findings from the 162 page report issued August 10, 2016 by the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. The report documented extensive racial-based policing practices and impact validating claims and expectations of the African American community but angering the police community and others as being unduly inflammatory stoking hostile reactions against the police. See the full … Read More

With Reforms, NOPD Is Becoming a Model for Other Police Departments

Mayor of New Orleans  praises progress of police department by Mitch Landrieu, mayor of New Orleans. Leadership of the Baltimore Police Department visited New Orleans over the past week to see first hand the significant progress the New Orleans Police Department  has made to strengthen and reform the department under our federal consent decree. The NOPD was able to share … Read More

Seattle Misses a Deadline in Long Police-Reform Effort

Seattle Misses a Deadline in Long Police-Reform Effort The move added further delay to a long-running process aimed at bolstering civilian oversight and assuring that police officers are held accountable for misconduct By Steve Miletich, Seattle Times staff reporter After pledging to produce police-accountability legislation before the Labor Day weekend, the city of Seattle informed a federal judge Thursday it will … Read More

Portland Police Adopt Anti-Racial Profiling Policy

The Portland Police Department is now compliant with a state law requiring  local law enforcement agencies to implement policies against racial profiling. The requirement came with the 2015 Racial Profiling Prevention Act, drafted in reaction to the 2014 fatal shooting of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and additional deaths of unarmed black suspects by white police officers across the … Read More

Consent Decree: Albuquerque, NM 2014

Since 2014 Albuquerque has been under supervision of a federal monitor resulting from DOJ finding that the department was characterized by a “culture of aggression,” that lead to numerous rough arrests, dozens of officer-involved shootings and several costly civil lawsuits . On July 1, 2016 an article by the Associated Press claims: “Albuquerque police failed in use-of-force reviews. A federal … Read More

Consent Decree: Detroit, MI

After 13 years of being watched by the federal government, scrutinized over how it handles arrests and lockups, the Detroit Police Department is officially free from court and department of justice oversight. In 2003, the city entered into two consent decrees with the Justice Department after police were accused of unconstitutional conduct, including excessive use of force and illegal detentions. Assistant Police … Read More

Consent Decree: Cleveland, OH

An 18-month federal investigation that gave rise to the consent decree and the employment of a team of 15 experts from around the country to oversee the Cleveland police department’s compliance. A Los Angeles-based police consulting firm, Police Assessment Resource Center. The group will be paid $4.9 million by the city. Six months into the reform effort, the Center filed a … Read More

Consent Decree: Los Angeles, CA

Download Executive Summary(PDF, 2 pages, 19 KB) Download Full Report(PDF, 68 pages, 453 KB) LAPD Consent Decree Overview Civil Rights Consent Decree Following the discovery and disclosure of the Rampart Area Corruption Incident by the Los Angeles Police Department, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) notified the City of Los Angeles that it intended to file a civil suit … Read More