Exemplary Policing: Ethical & Policing Values

15 Core Ethical & Policing Values

Ethical & Policing Values – An Exemplary Policing Agency seeks to inculcate into its culture, training and all interactions with officers core ethical and policing values so they are internalized, not as external standards imposed on them, but true beliefs adopted by them. Core values are deeply held convictions or beliefs that drive attitudes and actions. Values shape the culture … Read More

Exemplary Policing: Mission & Purpose

Exemplary Policing Standard I. Mission and Purpose. An Exemplary Policing Agency infuses in all employees an understanding of and commitment to the core purpose of the agency and the pursuit and achievement of six critical mission goals: 1) Preventing and reducing crime. 2) Pursuing justice by apprehension and conviction of offenders. 3) Protecting and serving people and their property. 4) Maintaining order and enhancing the quality … Read More