Exemplary Policing: Mission & Purpose

Exemplary Policing Standard I. Mission and Purpose. An Exemplary Policing Agency infuses in all employees an understanding of and commitment to the core purpose of the agency and the pursuit and achievement of six critical mission goals: 1) Preventing and reducing crime. 2) Pursuing justice by apprehension and conviction of offenders. 3) Protecting and serving people and their property. 4) Maintaining order and enhancing the quality … Read More

EXEMPLARY STANDARD 204. Maintaining Order & Enhancing the Quality of Life


 An important dimension of the “protect and serve” policing mission concerns the responsibility to maintain peace and public order to enhance the quality of community life. This broad mission goal encompasses the enforcement of laws designed to protect citizens from physical harm but it also encompasses a duty to assure that all citizens can enjoy their homes and public places. … Read More

SETTING OBJECTIVES AND MEASURING SUCCESS from The Exemplary Policing Agency by Michael Josephson

Exemplary Standard IIA. Establish Priorities, Specific Objectives and Action Plans. An Exemplary Policing Agency assesses crime trends and, in collaboration with the community and political leaders, establishes priorities and ambitious, but attainable, performance objectives and action plans with respect to of the major crime categories tracked by the Uniform Crime Reporting Program and other significant community concern. Psychologists and economists will … Read More

EPA STANDARDS: Pursuing Justice: Apprehend and Hold Offenders Accountable

Exemplary Policing Standard III. PURSUING JUSTICE: Apprehend and Hold Offenders Accountable. An Exemplary Policing Agency pursues justice for victims and their families by identifying and apprehending offenders so they are held accountable by the criminal justice system through prosecution and conviction. IIIA. Priorities and Specific Objectives. An exemplary agency annually reviews clearance rate history and trends for UCR crimes and … Read More

EPA Framework

The Exemplary Policing Agency: A Framework for Values-Based Policing By Michael Josephson for Josephson Institute for Ethics [1] INTRODUCTION This publication is the result of a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS). It builds on the Exemplary Peace Officer concept developed by the Josephson Institute of Ethics in two books jointly published by … Read More


By Michael Josephson I. PERFORMANCE OF ALL ASPECTS OF POLICING MISSION. An exemplary policing organization ethically, effectively and efficiently performs all four aspects of the policing mission: Upholding the law and ensuring public safety by: Enforcing criminal laws, local ordinances and traffic regulations equitably and respectfully. Preserving peace and public order by controlling crowds and eliminating public nuisances and disturbances … Read More