Thoughts on Las Vegas: Needing the Best of Human Nature

The best of human nature always reveals itself in response to the worst. Compassion, service and a genuine sense of community is the most powerful antidote to the disease of hatred. – Michael Josephson  Read more of Michael’s thoughts on the awful tragedy in Las Vegas here.

Thoughts Las Vegas: Live a Life that Matters

Words, even deep and genuine feelings of compassion, are so impotent in the face of inexplicable and despicable tragedy. So many people have been afflicted by unearned and ongoing pain from the hurricanes and the Las Vegas murders it is hard not to to be by overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenge events like this present. Those of us … Read More

Thoughts on Las Vegas: Cops Have to be Brave

A gun, a badge, even body armor can’t protect the heart of people who care. Cops have to be brave and tough; they have to run toward the shooter and shield others from danger but don’t think they do not feel deeply harm they can’t prevent. Never take for granted the health and well-being of those who serve and protect. … Read More

DA Pct. 4 Destroyed More Than 20,000 Pieces of Evidence, Scope of Problem Unclear

Careless Destruction of Evidence by Texas Sheriff Organization Causes Dismissal of 142 Cases & Jeopardizes 1,000s More. 2 Sept., 2016 The Harris County, TX Precinct 4 Constable’s Office destroyed more than 20,000 pieces of evidence, forcing the District Attorney’s office to dismiss nearly 150 pending criminal cases and potentially endangering more than 1,000 others according to District Attorney Devon Anderson. … Read More