Why Leaders Must Balance Ego with Humility

Wisdom starts with knowing that you don’t know everything and listening to both learn and empower. – Michael Josephson This is a worthwhile article from The Wharton School: When Raj Gupta, former CEO of specialty chemicals firm Rohm and Haas, came to the U.S. from India as a young man, he had just eight dollars with him. Over the course … Read More

COMMENTARY: Eight Laws of Leadership

Take a look around. Business, education, politics. If there’s one thing we don’t have enough of, it’s good leaders —men and women who have the vision and the ability to change things for the better. Former Air Force General William Cohen wrote a fine book called The Stuff of Heroes in which he identified eight laws of leadership. Here are … Read More


Michael Josephson has curated below this list of Best Ever Quotes on Leadership in hopes of inspiring great and ethical leaders.