Mindset Matters: Corporate Attitude and Effective, Reflective Policies

Change is becoming a constant and self-disruption almost a necessity to adapt, transform, and future-proof your business. Open and flexible attitudes reduce the potential struggle of executives and workers to assimilate the fundamental ongoing evolution in progress related to digitally-activated interconnectedness and the speed with which updates and iterations are occurring. The essence of the corporate mindset is then, in … Read More

Consent Decree, Community Perception Survey and Monitor Reports- Seattle Police Department 2015

Seattle Police Monitor Reports and Website http://www.seattlemonitor.com/reports-resources Basic Documents DOJ Findings Letter (December 2011) Consent Decree Memorandum of Understanding Order Approving Merrick Bobb as Federal Monitor Assessments of Community Perceptions  Community Perception Survey (October 2013) Executive Summary (by Anzalone Liszt Grove Research) Purpose Statement + Key Findings This research was commissioned by the federal monitoring team to assess community perceptions … Read More

Ten Key Principles Governing the Use of Force by the Police Service –  College of Policing United Kingdom

Use of Force

1.    Police officers owe a general duty to protect persons and property. Ten Key Principles Governing the Use of Force by the Police Service College of Policing United Kingdom, to preserve order, to prevent the commission of offences and, where an offence has been committed, to take measures to bring the offender to justice; 2.    Police officers may, consistent with … Read More

Manual – Department Rules & Regulations – Chicago, IL 2015

General 1. The motto “We Serve and Protect” states the essential purpose of the Chicago Police Department. The Department serves the citizens of the City of Chicago by performing the law enforcement function in a professional manner, and it is to these citizens that it its ultimately responsible. The Department protects the right of all persons within its jurisdiction to … Read More