PREVENTION, DETERRENCE, AND REDUCTION STRATEGIES from the Exemplary Policing Agency by Michael Josephson

  Exemplary Standard II(E). Prevention, Deterrence, and Reduction Strategies. An exemplary agency protects and serves the community through scientific-based, state-of-the-art crime prevention and reduction strategies, including community policing and problem-oriented programs, surveillance, patrolling, targeted deployment, investigation, data collection, and other strategies and tactics to meet overall community and individual neighborhood objectives.   II(E)1. Knowledgeable Leadership. Leadership ensures that command officers … Read More

Reducing Causes of Crime

Exemplary Standard IIF. Reducing Causes of Crime. An exemplary agency identifies and seeks to collaborate with community organizations in each neighborhood willing and able to participate in reducing crime and employs focused community and problem-oriented policing strategies to identify and reduce underlying causes of crime, especially among youth. Effective community-oriented policing is one of the most powerful factors in building … Read More

EXEMPLARY STANDARD II: Prevent & Reduce Crime

EXEMPLARY STANDARD II: PREVENT AND REDUCE CRIME. An Exemplary Policing Agency protects and serves the community by preventing and reducing crime through state-of-the-art law enforcement and other professional strategies. Preventing and reducing crime remains the most significant mission goal of a policing agency. To achieve this goal, an exemplary agency employs state-of-the-art law enforcement and other professional strategies reduction strategies … Read More

Community-Police Relations Final Report, Ohio Task Force on Community-Police Relations, 2015

State Task Force Publishes Report on Community-Police Relations  May 4, 2015 In December, Gov. John Kasich commissioned a task force to “address the fractured relationships that exist between some communities and the police dedicated to serving them.” In short, the task force’s recommendations, published this past week, urge a greater emphasis on training, accountability and oversight. Read the executive summary: … Read More