MEANINGFUL, UNIFORM AND ACCURATE CRIME DATA from The Exemplary Policing Agency by Michael Josephson

  Crime data needs to be correct and complete.  Numbers increasingly fuel policing strategies. We must guarantee that the fuel is free of damaging contaminants. John A. Eterno and Eli B. Silverman Exemplary Standard IIB.  Produce and Publish Accurate and Current Reports. The agency employs data collection and crime classification policies and procedures to ensure that all incidences of crimes are documented … Read More

EPA STANDARDS: Pursuing Justice: Apprehend and Hold Offenders Accountable

Exemplary Policing Standard III. PURSUING JUSTICE: Apprehend and Hold Offenders Accountable. An Exemplary Policing Agency pursues justice for victims and their families by identifying and apprehending offenders so they are held accountable by the criminal justice system through prosecution and conviction. IIIA. Priorities and Specific Objectives. An exemplary agency annually reviews clearance rate history and trends for UCR crimes and … Read More

The Case for Procedural Justice: Fairness as a Crime Prevention Tool

By Emily Gold, Deputy Director of Planning and Development at the Center for Court Innovation, In collaboration with Melissa Bradley, COPS Office, From Community Policing Dispatch, The e-newsletter of the COPS Office,  Volume 6,  Issue 9,| September 2013 Today’s criminal justice leaders have a number of promising and evidence-based practices to draw upon when implementing new public safety efforts. CompStat and … Read More