WORTH READING: States With Right-To-Carry Gun Laws Have Higher Violent Crime Rates

Stanford University recently examined 30 states that have adopted right to carry laws in between 1979 – 2014. The study concluded that after roughly 10 years of a state having a right-to-carry law in place, the state saw roughly 13 to 15 percent higher rates of violent crime than states that had no right-to-carry laws in place.  This study debunks the popular … Read More

DA Pct. 4 Destroyed More Than 20,000 Pieces of Evidence, Scope of Problem Unclear

Careless Destruction of Evidence by Texas Sheriff Organization Causes Dismissal of 142 Cases & Jeopardizes 1,000s More. 2 Sept., 2016 The Harris County, TX Precinct 4 Constable’s Office destroyed more than 20,000 pieces of evidence, forcing the District Attorney’s office to dismiss nearly 150 pending criminal cases and potentially endangering more than 1,000 others according to District Attorney Devon Anderson. … Read More