WORTH READING: Denver police officers are no longer helping revise the department’s use-of-force policy

By NOELLE PHILLIPS | nphillips@denverpost.com | The Denver Post Officers have stopped attending meetings of a community group assembled to write a new use-of-force policy for the Denver Police Department. The sole officer who remained on the advisory committee that was formed in April dropped out Tuesday after sending a letter to the police chief tendering his resignation from the group. Tyson Worrell, treasurer … Read More

Editorial: New use-of-force guidelines for Chicago cops

by Editorial Board The Chicago Police Department has had plenty of bad days in recent years, but few as dismal as Jan. 13. That was when the U.S. Department of Justice published a report blistering the department for excessive reliance on force, “systemic deficiencies in training and accountability” and a code of silence that protects bad cops. The only good … Read More

LAPD revises use-of-force policy to reduce police shootings

By Elizabeth Chou, Los Angeles Daily News  The Los Angeles Police Commission adopted a revised use-of-force policy Tuesday that calls on officers to avoid resorting to deadly force by de-escalating, or ramping down the tension in interactions with the public.

L.A. Police Commission Approves Proposals To Increase Transparency, Training For How L.A.P.D. Officers Use Force

LAPD Police Commission Adopts New Use of Force Policies Despite Concerns of Chief and Officers’ Union October 16, 2016. A five-member civilian police commission, appointed by the mayor and empowered by the city charter, sets policy for the LAPD. Several months ago, the commission asked the city’s Inspector General to look into use of force and transparency policies at other … Read More

Terrence Sterling Shot and Killed by D.C. Officer Who Claims Sterling Intentionally Drove His Motorcycle Into Passenger Door of Cruiser as Officer was Exiting

Terrence Sterling, Motorcyclist Killed by D.C. Police. Dispute re: circumstances compounded by failure of officer who shot Sterling to activate his body cam; new policy announced requiring officers to confirm that that camera is on. Terrence Sterling, was shot and killed by a D.C. police officer, Brian Trainer, 27, who has been with the department for four years, on September 11, … Read More

Use of Deadly Force: Shooting of Alfred Olango in El Cajon, CA

Questions raised : Did officers have a choice as to their use of lethal force once Olango took a shooting stance with a device that looked like a gun? What could they have done before it became a critical shoot/no shoot situation? Was Olango mentally ill? Should strategies have been different if  was suffering from mental illness? Should officers been … Read More

L.A. Police Commission Reverses Chief; Finds Unnecessary Force in Two Separate Shootings

September 20, 2016 Los Angeles Police Commission reverses chief, faults officers in two deadly shootings  The Los Angeles Police Commission, a civilian panel that oversees the LAPD, disagreeing with the conclusions of Police Chief Charlie Beck, ruled that LAPD officers violated deadly-force rules in two controversial shootings last year. In both cases, the commission determined that the officers could have and … Read More

Key Findings of DOJ Report on Baltimore Police

Read the Summary of Findings from the 162 page report issued August 10, 2016 by the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. The report documented extensive racial-based policing practices and impact validating claims and expectations of the African American community but angering the police community and others as being unduly inflammatory stoking hostile reactions against the police. See the full … Read More

Five Chicago police officers to be terminated for false statements. A sixth resigned.

CNN. In the latest step of an ongoing effort to heal the mistrust between Chicago law enforcement and city residents, the head of the police department formally moved to fire five officers involved in the fatal shooting of teenager Laquan McDonald in 2014. A sixth officer resigned Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson filed administrative charges against Officers Jason Van Dyke, … Read More

London Police Planned Use of Spit Hoods Put On Hold

London Police Planned Use Spit Hoods Put On Hold Independent, UK 6 Sept., 2016 After wide public protest, Scotland Yard announced it was putting on hold its intention to employ the hoods at 32 detention facilities in London but not on London streets or in public. The hoods, which are classed as a use of force, hit the headlines when … Read More